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How SEO can help future proof your brand

Budget constraints are one of the top concerns marketers have at the moment, compound that with staff reductions and of course the opportunity cost the reduction of budget entails, adds further complexity to the environment post covid. 

The new climate of austerity will no doubt persist beyond the crisis, this suggests reappraising your marketing strategy may be in order to help prioritise opportunities that drive long term performance. Now more than ever optimisation is the tool to utilise to uncover the hidden potential reduced budgets now demand.

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SEO is a crucible, where contrasting ingredients are alloyed to produce alchemical refinement this includes improved search performance just as much as enhanced user experience. The landscape for search is always in a state of flux but now more than ever, pros are always evolving due to the ever changing landscape for search. 

Why does this matter to me? 

There has always been chatter about SEO becoming a thing of the past, yet its relevance persists beyond the pronouncements of its expiration.  SEO is long term investment, as the accumulative nature of optimisation when done right becomes fundamental in combating ever increasing CPCs due to increased competition.

A recent survey conducted found that:

  • 65% of marketers anticipate a decrease in their annual marketing budget.
  • 86% of marketers predict that their marketing goals will be harder to reach.
  • 35% of respondents say a reduction in marketing budget is their greatest concern surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on their marketing performance.
  • 58% of respondents say if faced with a global recession, they will have to lower their budget.
  • 47% of respondents say the Coronavirus situation will make their company’s ability to achieve their annual marketing goals more difficult.
  • 63% of respondents say SEO will be more important during this time.


Over half of marketers agree that SEO is more important during Covid.



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Search is more important than ever in this climate, here is what you can do now:


1. Create content that sticks

Are you writing content that answers questions, content that people need, content that provokes thought? This will help you win trust, and will help you digitally.

2. Address the current situation, with care

Don’t be afraid to create content that addresses the current situation, but also be careful with messaging as you obviously don’t want to be seen trying to capitalise off the pandemic.

3. Plant trees now

SEO takes time, so plant the trees now! We have clients that have relied upon and invested solely into SEO, no paid whats so ever, we believe SEO is the most cost effective channel long term. They achieved 1st pages results, and are still preserving them and will reap the shade in the future during more hot days.

4.Break something, experiment

Experiment, now is the best time to try out new processes for you and your team, new tools, break open some cracks and really dissect.. you may be surprised with what you find.


Uncertainty is a given. Be ready to pivot and change. 

During times like these organic is more important but remember, always important.

Don’t be afraid to address the current issues.

SEO trees planted now will provide shade in the future on hotter days.

Experiment, break new boundaries, crack things open to help yourself and your team.


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