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Coming from agency land, a land of mythical creatures, the odd human and where promises made could never live up the expectations set when you were sold.

Now we would pull back from saying this was soul destroying” though is not far off the mark. But one must have a frame of reference to know what not to do, so was a lesson received, and we are forever students of life.

We firmly believe in a “change your mind, change your life” mindset and we respect, empower, and promote any business that drives health and wellbeing as their core. We are on our mission to open pathways to create an environment to share knowledge for mutual support and to create a community where this knowledge can be shared to educate the mass, to encourage them to have lifestyle-changing conversations in work and day to day life.

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We question positions, challenge assumptions, we do not simply accept, we unearth, we process to transmute that which is given to provide clear direction.

Look for people that can not only market your concerns and services but are committed to wellness as you are.

Acumind – helping those who help
Leneila Lynne


Previously coming from a sport/health background Leneila is on the path to promote health and wellbeing and is very much driven to heighten mindsets in that growth direction. Her expertise included weight loss, cross-fit, nutrition, and growth mindset, in her hometown, Sydney, before moving her business overseas to France and then to Abu Dhabi.

Leneila decided to pivot her career path into digital marketing, she landed her first role in PR with a celebrity fashion designer in the Middle East.  A few years later she moved back home to Australia where she completely immersed herself in the digital marketing space marketing alongside completing a diploma in business, which landed her in agency roles.

She founded Acumind in 2019. After more than a decade working in digital marketing and health and wellness, she felt it was time to use her skills to help clients that also understand the need for health and wellness in a constant everchanging world.

Leneila is forever looking for that cohesiveness of vision and ways to build more meaningful relationships whether in life or your business.

Acumind is a health marketing agency for wellness organisations. Len is exceptionally passionate about helping those that help others – by maximising reach and visibility online, bringing health and wellness to the fore from all channels.

(Le-kneel-la) aka Len


More results from 2020

Wellness spending ($4.2 trillion) makes up more than half of the total global health spending ($7.3 trillion).
Only 10% of workers globally have access to workplace wellness programs.
Companies that invest in employee wellness see their stock performing better than the average company on the Standard and Poor’s (S&P) 500 Index.

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