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The Viral Power of Storytelling in Content Marketing

A story worthy of a Norse saga, oh how we may dream of such epic narratives, stories that engage the hero’s journey your audience walks. Chances are they don’t see themselves as a modern-day Thor or Achilles, but that’s not to say we cannot all learn from the greatest stories humans have ever told and that continue to echo through the ages.

Narratives that cultivate emotional resonance with your audience

Any story worth repeating taps into the archetypes, themes, or scenarios people relate to or find themselves in. Our task is to unearth these moments, these inflection points on the path, to not only define the choice but clear the path they cannot see.

It makes no difference if we are dealing with a hero or potential customer, cultivating affinity and emotional resonance is the hallmark of effective communication. Only by leveraging this response can the story we help to craft serve you and your business goals.

A story is only as good as the back story that sets the scene. Understanding the context your audience emerges from is critical to developing the process of initiation., as this is how we move them beyond the threshold. As a hero wears many masks, so too can your audience this is why we help define these masks your customers wear.

Our task is to clear the path they cannot see, the road to where they want to be after the choice has been made.Acumind Didital Agency

Persona Development

Who is this person we seek to help? What travails them? What questions do they pose as they scour the internet for enlightenment or, if less ambitious, relevant information? Defining this elusive phantom need not entail you grasping at figments of your imagination.

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Defining each personae (masks) your audience wears

Through an iterative process we give shape to these personas, they are only ever proxies, they can never live up to what they represent. as people are always greater than the categories we use to define them. 

We say, thank God for that as we all want a little mystery..

We do not believe you can reduce people to an algorithm. The process is only a tool to define potential and nothing more than context – an approximation of where our heroes are on their journeys.

“One could say, with a little exaggeration, the persona is that which in reality one is not, but which oneself as well as others think one is”

Carl JungAcumind Didital Agency


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