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Seo is such a worn out acronym, it hardly has any meaning.

This does not mean it only has the one we give it, rather it’s meaning encompasses more than the keywords people take it for.

Just like you are reading this sentence, and not phrases, SEO has moved beyond words and phrases, and seo agencies now need to look at the seo process as a means of connecting with users on a personal level.

Why choose us as your Melbourne SEO agency?

Why is it important when weighing up SEO service providers?

We optimise content for the questions your audience are asking. Any SEO agency spruiking key phrase ranking is working with an understanding that is not only redundant but cannot cater to the rise of voice search, as these searches are by nature unique.

Which seo agency you use makes all the difference in your online business success. A seo company that understands the in-depth knowledge to provide performing SEO  services that also look beyond rankings to grow your website’s lead generation exponentially.

Google algorithm update “BERT” makes this explicit, this is what Google says:

“These improvements are oriented around improving language understanding, particularly for more natural language/conversational queries, as BERT is able to help Search better understand the nuance and context”

SEO is a lot more than just keyword placement, it’s about the use of language and how best to convey your message in an engaging way. Voice search will make this even more imperative as we’re seeing that “natural” language processing helps people find what they need without having any technical knowledge or assistance from humans at all!

In order to succeed in this competitive industry, SEO agencies need to stay on the cutting edge of technology while remaining true to their core values.

This entails SEO agencies developing the insight to bring to the surface latent issues or problems your audience has so as to better align with them. Improving affinity, and ultimately empathy, creates emotional resonance, and as SEO is primarily about language, bringing the human to the fore has to be the centerpiece of effective implementation.

Acumind Didital Agency

SEO is primarily about language.

Bringing the human to the fore has to be the centrepiece of effective implementation.

What is SEO?

SEO is a process of continual improvement that helps websites rank higher on search engines. It can be thought about as the ultimate business goal for your site, alongside certain proxies measuring performance such as increased traffic from organic results or higher click-through rates on your rankings.
A more general definition would be: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation though it has evolved into something much more than just inserting keywords into content – with many layers involved to make sure you’re getting top results from your SEO agency so potential customers can find you.

Why is language so important for SEO?

Language is critical as meaning has context. We read sentences or rather scan words that frame the meaning of the sentence we are reading. Algorithms essentially mimic a person that would make sense of the mass of documents as to which one is “the best” for the specific question asked. So imagine Google is an assistant, a person fetching you results. How you handle these documents feeds directly into the assistant’s performance. Understanding what is a “good” result for Google is based on user metrics or your behavior that infers a good result. The inference is a heuristic device to simplify, or a way of “parsing” results, which simply means to narrow, to narrow is based on relevance, and this relevance is context. Language is indispensable in establishing context, hence why its proper use is important for SEO agencies to implement in each individual SEO service provided.

How long does it take to see results from SEO?

This depends on a lot of factors, your current ranking performance, age of website, penalty handicap etc. As SEO is an iterative process results are cumulative. How this usually works (there are always exceptions) is that  lower competitive searches considered lower hanging fruit tend to front run the more competitive searches, whereby over time search breadth is improved. Initial results occur around the 3 month period, as impressions tend to front run clicks, as user behaviour determines the potential for promotion of your specific page in reference to your competitors. This takes time as the recursive feedback loop needs to become established.

How important is design for SEO?

Design is critical as the framing of information is just as important as the content. Design aids the consumption of content through its presenting. The use of negative space to define the locus, or draw attention to what is important is such an example where design aids the performance of attributing traffic. Design aids orientation of the context we seek to unearth to improve affinity. People are trying to make sense, and this sense is determined by their intentionality or the questions that determine their orientation, so design that supports this orientation improves the over all performance of the website.

Of course we do all the standard boring technical stuff such as the following:

  • Technical website audit
  • Optimise crawl budget
  • Mobile site speed analysis & audit
  • Image optimisation
  • Back link analysis & audit

But we excel on what is necessary to improve your overall search performance

Develop situational awareness:

  • Define your audience, their questions their back story
  • Map questions to search intent


Businesses are a lens to focus outcomes, so we look at your competitor landscape:

  • Define Share of voice
  • Map gaps with the highest potential for return



Confidence in transparency

As a trusted boutique SEO agency based in Melbourne, Acumind can help you on your journey to achieve your website’s full potential. We have a range of strategies for each business depending upon their specific needs, and our goal is always that every client leaves feeling empowered with at least a basic understanding of what our SEO services entail whether you a complete novice or have a working knowledge of SEO – giving full transparency we work to demystify.

Acumind Didital Agency70% of voice searches use natural language.

Power words like, who, what, which, define, where, how, types, should strategically be used.

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